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High speed rail stocks lower, Germany haven channel unqualified

來源:包頭勝德鑫特種型材制造有限公司 | 發布時間:2015/5/21 | 瀏覽次數:

According to people.com.cn reported, recently the network received a report that the Shanghai Kunming line and Fu line tunnel installation about Germany haven channel is the original domestic processing production, the reporter will be part of the product to the national steel products quality supervision and inspection center, the results show: submission marked channel 34 HTA52/, the maximum power 28.6KN, minimum 15.4KN, frequency 3HZ, crack the channel 106 thousand and 200 times, 500 thousand times is very far and design requirements of the Design Institute of the Ministry of railways.
Affected by this, today, high-speed rail stocks decline, so far, China Railway two bureau (600528-CN) fell 4%, Chinese Railway (601186-CN) fell 2%, Chinese CSR (601766-CN) fell 2.5%.

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